American Idols | American Idol Sweet 16 | Female Finalists

Amanda Overmyer overcomes her bad hair, past DUI,and tough reputation to put together her best night on American Idol. Her song of choice for the night was "I Hate Myself For Loving You" and the judges loved it. Simon Cowell who for the most part doesnt like anyone even gave her rave reviews. Carly Smithson and Brook White also put up huge performances to round out what I believe were the top 3 last night.
Cute lil Ramiele Malubay, Asia’h Epperson, Kristy Lee Cook, and Syesha Mercado all put on good performances but with mixed reactions from the judges. The female American Idols put on a better show this week than their male counter parts in my opinion. Eliminations of the American Idol Sweet 16 will take place tonight. To be quite frank other than Luke Menard being on the chopping block I'm not sure who will go home.

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