American Idols | Asia'h Epperson May Get To Come Back

There are many sites out there spreading news of an April American idol episode that will bring back 5 of the eliminated contestants. Asia'h Epperson may get a chance to come back for this showing. From reading these rumors it is my understanding that 5 contested will be brought back to perform and voting will take place. The difference is that this time it will cost you to vote for Asia'h Epperson or whoever they bring back. The money raised from this is to go to charity if the sites I've been reading sources are correct. The rumors are saying that of the 5 brought back the one with the most votes will get to tour with the other top 10 in “Idols Live”. Asia'h Epperson may definitely have a shot at this one. Of the many contestants that were eliminated Asia'h Epperson was one of the strongest in my opinion. Besides who wouldn't want to bring back one of the hottest idols eliminated for the live tour.
So here's wishing Asia'h Epperson all the best and good luck on the comeback

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