American Idols | American Idols Females | Who is left

After a second round of eliminations on American Idol the females are left with|:

Asia’h Epperson

Carly Smithson - a ringer ??

Brooke White

Amanda Overmyer - wow that hair!!

Syesha Mercado

Ramiele Malubay - little body big voice

Kady Malloy

Kristy Lee Cook

The biggest shock of the week was the elimination of Alaina Whitaker in week 2 of American idol. Wow was she ever shocked!!! She put on a show of tears that even made me feel embarassed for her. Alaina your young enough to recover, pull it together and focus on your future. Other than Amanda Overmyer's hair I dont think I have seen a bigger mess on the American Idol stage before. Speculation running around the web is that Amanda Overmyer,who showed very little range in her voice, will be the next female voted off. Carly Smithson will have to pull off a very good week if she expects to continue on in the American Idol Finals. Rumors about her being a ringer have upset many and her popularity is plummeting quickly, so dont be surprised if she goes home also.

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