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Well tonight's the night the top 10 American Idol finalists do battle. With the grand prize money getting closer to their grasp, I'm sure the performances won't let us down. Who do you think will "WOW" us tonight? David Archuleta, Brook White, Michael Johns? Don't be surprised if Carly Smithson pulls out the night of her life, she's been getting awful close to the bottom of the pack and needs the boost. Those that fail to stun the American Idol fans tonight better start lobbying for votes if they expect to continue.

On a side note has anyone noticed the American Idol songwriters contest? It had completely missed it up until today. March 31st is the deadline to get your song submitted. You can check out for all the details. Wouldn't It be funny if one of the eliminated contestants like Asia'h Epperson, Kady Malloy, Jason Yeager, or Danny Noriega entered the song writers contest and won. What an interesting twist of fate that would be. I'm not sure they are even eligible though, I didn't bother to read the contest rules.

I'll post more updates on the finalists here on Asia h Epperson - American Iodl Finalist as soon as I can


Asia Epperson not hot said...

asia Epperson isnt bad looking but not as hot as amy davis

Anonymous said...

I must agree Asia'h Epperson is not nearly as hot as Amy Davis was