American Idol Live Tour Tickets

With the ending of Season 7 American Idol comes the American Idols Live Tour Tickets. Tickets For the American Idol Live tour are on sale at most venues and selling at a rapid pace. The American Idol Live tour 2008 will feature the top 10 performers from this seasons American Idol show including David Cook, David Archuleta, Syesha Macardo, Jason Castro, Brook White, Carly Smithson, Chikeze, Kristy Lee Cook, Michael Johns and Ramiele Malubay. The American Idols summer live tour will begin in Glendale Arizona on July 1st and end September 13th with the final concert in Tulsa Oaklahoma. Look for your favorite American Idol when they come to a town near you.

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David Cook The Season 7 American Idols Winner

American Idol Season 7 has come to an end with the naming of this year's American Idol Winner David Cook. After all the judges gave praises to both David Cook and David Archuleta for their season long accomplishments, David Cook was named the winner. Simon was even so humble to apologize to David for being rude in his previous criticisms and stated that he didn't care who one as both David's were deserving. While Season 7 has come to an end, its just the beginning for the American Idols Live tour where all of this seasons 10 ten American Idols will be singing. Tickets have gone on sale for the American Idols Live tour across the country , so check out your local concert hall for the tour dates.
Congratulations David Cook!!

American Idols | Jason Castro Shoots Himself In The Foot

Jason Castro gets eliminated in 4th place on American Idol after shooting himself in the foot and forgetting the words to Bog Dylan's "Tambourine Man". This blunder on Tuesday night secured him a trip home in 4th place. The top 3 remaining American Idols are Syesha Mecrado, David Archuleta and David Cook. Many are speculating that David Cook will be the one eliminated next week leaving Syesha and David in a showdown for the honor of being named this years American Idol. It's hard to believe this season of the show is nearing completion already. I have heard rumblings that this will be the last season but haven't been able to confirm that anywhere. Congratulations to the Top 3 remaining contestants.

American Idols | Final 4 American Idols Remaining

With the elimination of Brook White there are now only 4 American Idol contestants remaining. David Archuleta, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado and David Cook. With the field narrowing rapidly next weeks performances should be stellar. Any of the American Idol contestants expecting to move on to be the last remaining American Idol will have to not only pick the right song but perform it flawlessly. It will definitely be a fight to the finish and should make for some very entertaining television. Syesha has her work cut out for her being the only female American Idol contestant remaining.