American Idols | Dark Horse Aliana Whitaker Axed From American Idol

Congrats to both Luke Menard and Amanda Overmeyer on avoiding the sharp axe of American Idol voters. Indiana fans are still in the hunt on this one even though American Idol Amy Davis got the boot early on. Alaina Whitaker who Simon Cowell had mentioned as a possible American Idol sleeper was sent packing tears and all. Jason Yeager was the other contestant that found his time on American Idol short lived. Best wishes to both these young performers in the future.

As for Asia'h Epperson you better reexamine your song selection and appearance if you expect to make it out of the next round. Were not asking that you change who you are, but the judges attitudes can make or break the American Idol voters response to your performance.

I learned something new about Luke Menard this week that I didn't already know.
He has been performing for some time with an acapella group. A bit of advice Luke don’t choose Queen songs. Queen has a distinct sound and it’s hard to ever compare to the original.

Good Luck to all the remaining contestants

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