American Idol Finalist Garrett Haley | Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Garrett Haley ,a teenager from Elida, OH., had his debut as one of the top 12 American Idol male singers last night. Garrett's song of choice for the night was "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" written by N. Sedaka and H. Greenfield. Garrett Haley appeared a bit nervous in my opinion and the judges of American Idol all seemed to be of one mind stating that his performance was a bit boring. Randy, Paula and Simon all seem less than impressed. While this may not be the best showing for Garrett Haley we hope that he will continue on in furter episodes of American Idol. The results of voting will be available on Thursday nights showing of American Idol, I believe. Garrett we hope you get enought votes to continue further into the American Idol competition. Lets find a song a bit more exiting than "Breaking up is hard to do" for your next selection.

The other midwest singer performaing as a top 12 American Idol male singer for the night was Luke Menard from Crawfordsville, IN. Luke also left the judges a bit less than impressed. Luke Menard choose "Everybody's Talkin'" by Harry Nilsson. The judges felt that the song wasnt the best of choices for him, and he was pitchy throughout it.

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