American Idol Finalists |Garrett Haley Goes Home

Unfortunately, Garrett Haley the young teenager from Elida, OH was one of the first 4contestants eliminated from American Idol. Hopefully, the young singer from the midwest will take this as a learning opportunity and continue working towards his singing goals. Perhaps Garrett Haley will be back in future seasons of American Idol to attempt to go further. Another midwest American Idol hopefull Amy Davis was also on the chopping clock last night and will go home packing just like Garrett Haley. With Amy and Garrett getting voted off of American Idol that leaves just 2 more finalists from the midwest area in the competition. Luke Menard and Amanda Overmyer will both continue on into week two of American Idol. Hopefully the Midwest voters can get behind one of these two perfomers and support them until the finals. I'll continue to update this site with the latest on American Idol as the season progresses. Now everyone get out there and support the remaining Midwest American Idols.

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