American Idols | American Idol Male Finalists | Who Will Crash And Burn

One thing I have noticed lately while reading many different American Idol blogs is that the majority of the fans really just want to see someone crash and burn. Much like the Romans watching the gladiators viewers of American Idol today just want to see which finalist will fall on their face. I guess this isn’t much of a surprise as most of our television today revolves around getting ratings through shock and aw, violence, or conflicts. While I must admit every time I watch American Idol I really look forward to the moment when the finalists get to stand before the almighty Simon.

Tonight the field has been narrowed to 10 American Idol male finalists all competing to stay alive through another week. Who do you think will be the contestant that will crash and burn this week? Will it be the Hoosier Luke Menard? Perhaps it will be one of the young teenage heartthrobs David Archuleta or Danny Noriega. Several of the posts I have been reading elsewhere expect it to be Chikezie the one named wonder from Inglewood, CA. I am still undecided as to which of the American Idol male finalists will meet Simon's wrath. Whoever is the unlucky sole to crash and burn on tonight’s showing of American Idol, I'm sure the train wreck will be a shock to many. watch out for Asia'h Epperson in the female finalists though.

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