American Idols Gets New Judge

American Idol Season 8 will see a new judge added to the panel this year. Kara DioGuardi a Grammy-nominated songwriter has been chosen to sit along side of Paula, Simon and Randy. She will join the American Idol judges at the beginning of season 8. The initial rounds of American Idol auditions have been completed and were awating the dates for the next round of American Idol to begin. American Idol has lost some of its popularity over the last few seasons and hopefully with the successful American Idols Tour and additon of the Kara DioGuardi to the judging panel season 8 will be a big hit. Hopefully these new judgest will some new un and comming singers the opportunity to make some extra income with their music career.

If you havn't noticed American Idols popularity has not only grown with its local television viewing but many local shool choirs are holding American Idol competitions amoung their singers. There is an Indian Idol show that is being broadcast in India and similar singing competitions are propping up on televisions throughout the world.

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American-Idols-Live said...

American Idol is one of the most heart favorite show of the United State,Yes it's true it has lost it's values since last few seasons but coming a new judge Kara DioGuardi will lead it's popularity.I don,t want miss any episode of American idol.